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AT&T Private Network Transport Services

National Communications Group allows you to shop for a broad range of service options from the nation's leading providers and offers a myriad of value-added services including free consulting, dedicated installation management, and a best price guarantee, all at no additional cost to our users. Benefits of implementing an MPLS Network:
  • Global Coverage. Connect locations in over 190 countries around the world.
  • Security. A network solution that protects your company's sensitive data
  • Savings. Save 40% on network costs vs Frame Relay and Private Line networks.
  • Simplicity. Simplify network management with any to any connectivity.
  • Scalability. Easily add new locations while preparing your network for voice and video.

AT&T Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) IP VPNs are network-based solutions provisioned on the AT&T IP Network. AT&T provides a flexible, future-proof architecture to our customers that meet their communications needs today - and tomorrow - by designing, engineering and building IP VPN solutions that enable the integration of the best in breed network architectures.

AT&T MPLS IP VPNs are state-of-the-art IP VPN models and offer a flexible and easy path to migrate from legacy data networks to a highly-secure and scalable IP-based infrastructure.

We provision the IP VPN solution over our IP Network, utilizing AT&T MPLS to provide security. Customers don't need to purchase additional customer-premises VPN equipment for their sites.

Features & Options
  • Management options
  • Customer care and network support - 24x7x365
  • Security - MPLS-based security
  • Distributed communications - any-to-any connectivity
  • Traffic prioritization - 4 Classes of Services (CoS)
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Web-based reporting
  • Flexible billing options

  • Optional management capabilities. Managed and unmanaged options available providing you with the level of strategic control you require
  • Four Classes of Service (CoS). Optimization of all types of applications for traffic prioritization
  • Flexible, robust network architecture. Unified communications among all locations with MPLS providing any-to-any connectivity
  • Web-based reporting. Optimization of network performance and availability ensuring service level guarantee
  • Simplified pricing and invoicing. Ease of budgeting, accounting, and reconciliation with flexible billing options

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