Enter secure networking — AT&T SASE Branch with Fortinet

AT&T Business has traditionally supported advanced networking features like dynamic routing, IPv4/v6, and multicast support. Now, our next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) with Fortinet provide both networking and security for branch networks in one solution. With an integrated NGFW and SD-WAN solution, you can improve both WAN efficiency and security. Using AT&T SASE Branch with Fortinet you can enforce policies consistently across your branch locations. Plus, IT and business leaders can mitigate risks from digital transformation.

With traditional WAN, it can be hard to maintain the quality of user experience per application. Traditional WAN infrastructure relies on packet routing. Packet routing limits application visibility and, in turn, the ability to set granular controls. AT&T SASE Branch with Fortinet uses “first-packet identification” to identify applications from the leading packet of data traffic. This broad application awareness helps analysts at the AT&T Security Network Operations Center (SNOC) understand which applications are being used across the enterprise. Then, they work with you to make informed decisions about SD-WAN policies. The solution references an application control database of over 5,000 applications, a number that grows as threats and the digital network evolve.

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